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KOVA M1 hoitoreppu
  • KOVA M1 hoitoreppu

    The EMS bag is a tool that accompanies paramedics on thousands of missions each year. The key features of such a bag are usability, durability, and a compact size. Kova Gear addresses these challenges with its EMS M1 bag in the best possible way.


    The KOVA EMS M1 is a modern EMS bag designed to enhance work through its technical features. The bag features clear compartments that enable tactically efficient placement of equipment.


    Durable construction is made by robust Cordura fabric that withstands wear and tear exceptionally well. It also repels dirt and water. The main compartment and side pockets feature YKK Jumbo zippers, ensuring durability. The carrying system includes nickel-plated metal buckles and robust straps, as often the bag is carried on one shoulder.


    Handling is enjoyable because the bag's position and shape remain unchanged after placing it on the ground, and it can be operated in tight spaces. Only the base touches the ground, making it comfortable to carry even from a dirty floor.




    • Durable and water-resistant Cordura fabric
    • Interior surfaces made of durable, smooth, and easily cleaned Oxford nylon fabric
    • Continuous adjustment of dividers with Velcro
    • YKK Jumbo zippers on the main compartment and side pockets, ensuring durability
    • Nickel-plated metal buckles in the carrying system
    • Stitched with Epic 40 thread

    Main Compartment:

    • Removable intermediate bottom and continuous height adjustment
    • Continuous adjustment of dividers
    • Mesh pockets on the inside of the lid, protected by a transparent plastic cover with a zipper
    • Access to the bottom of the bag from the end

    Side Pockets:

    • Side pockets extend the full length of the bag
    • One side pocket features mesh pockets for smaller items

    NOTE: Additional modules shown in the pictures are sold separately! The equipment tray in the side pocket is included in the price.


    Order via email at Delivery time will be confirmed when placing the order.


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