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PEPO - Rescue Kicksled
  • PEPO - Rescue Kicksled

    The new era of water rescue has begun! An innovative rescue kicksled designed for weak ice, providing unprecedented speed and stability for rescuers. PEPO's features give rescuers the best chance to quickly and reliably save victims.

    For more information, please call 020-1279055 or send a message to

    The product is now available for order, and deliveries will begin in the spring of 2024. Be quick and be among the first to get the product by pre-ordering!

    • Ominaisuudet

      • Paino: 20 kg
      • Kantavuus: 150 kg
      • Kokonaispituus: 3300 mm
      • Etuponttoni: 1900x600x180 mm
      • Jalas: 1400x180 mm




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